Within the division of Transaction Advisory, we act as a deputy for our clients both on buy - side and also on sell – side. We offer complex services not only for business owners and the management of companies, but also for investors searching for a suitable investment project. We arrange the whole project process from targeting the market research, representing your company in the process of business negotiation, to preparation of final contracts.

  • Sell- side – We help you provide a suitable investor for your company. Partner with clear strategic plans, which are consistent with your philosophy of future development,
  • Buy- side – Our professionals prepare customized divestment solution of your company as a unit, or as a part, all based on parameters you define.


Our activity does not end by implementing the transaction in projects focused on selling and buying companies. We are glad to participate on after-acquisition integration of companies to the consolidated entities, where we search for mutually logical input/output related connections and use it by implementing synergy effects. This is beneficial not only for shareholders, but also for the management and employees, who will surely appreciate higher efficiency and linkage of the processes. This way enables to raise value added and increase production performance without necessity of providing unnatural pressure on extensive growth. The final result are healthier companies, based on stability and better financial position.


Our clients are offered advisory services in the field of investment into unlisted public companies (private equity sector), further consulting services of asset management, setting new processes and improving the existing ones, setting reporting interconnection of high quality and related process of controlling. We also enter some companies by minority share. In many cases, we are offered a partnership on the project and we do not step aside. Our aim is not just to advise our clients, but also to share potential risk, which makes us directly (and personally) involved in the prosperity of the particular project. We also help shareholders and management of companies with solutions of crisis situations and in case of need, we help to provide the most suitable way of capital raising and external funding.

    GROWTH, MARKETING AND SALES - we provide you the assessment of current market position of company, current and potential market share, we help you to find new opportunities, new marketing strategy and we set an appropriate business model to meet the targeted figures.

    STRATEGIC ADVISORY AND HANDLING OF CRISIS SITUATIONS - We believe that our detached research on internal setting and processes in the company will bring shareholders / management complex perspective and focus points for due consideration. This can be very beneficial for important strategic decisions.

    Our main offer:
  • To help executives to seize the management of the company from different point of view and make more optimal decisions this way,
  • To fix damaged reputation or reverse getting the reputation worse, especially in crisis situations,
  • To determine economic value of company based on valuation, e.g. for funding purposes,
  • Deep inspection of companies, whose development has a great impact on your further strategic direction, but also possible economies, reserves etc.,
  • Analysis of companies with high debt load, where just a small deviation from planned figures can cause default or significant decrease in working capital availability.

  • BUY-OUTS - We invest in projects with our co-investors and partners to help companies become more successful, more competitive and finally economically more powerful. Together with standard buy-out investments, we also enter minority share, joint-ventures and distressed debt companies. In each case, we definitely prefer friendly takeover. After successful initiation of particular project or its restructuring, an exit to strategic partner or private equity investor usually follows.

    RESTRUCTURING - Companies that face pressure by banks to repay their loans, increasing demands from customers on price – cutting and increasing volume of production and other demanding situations, are usually in need of help with its complete restructuring. By deducing the fundamentals of the problematic situation, initially, we analyze financial records and reporting documentation with connection to business plan. Afterwards, we set basic factors having substantial impact on value of company. After understanding the connections, we make an operational rescue plan with cooperation of management to be presented to shareholders / owners for approval. Finally, we jointly start demanding process of rescue of troubled company.


Our team consists of financial and investment professionals with due focus on healthcare industry in CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe). We have rich experiences in this area and we are actively in touch with market. That way, we would like to provide you independent and realistic view on financial valuation of your company and consequent options of selling it on the market.


Have you developed successful company and currently solve an issue, what to do with it next?

Do you prefer more spare time or less organizing rush and solve an issue, how to remotely manage the company without devaluating your efforts so far?

We offer you a detached view on position of your company, measurement of its dependence on you and possibilities of delegation powers. Our aim is to set the inspectional mechanisms, the way that you could enjoy more spare time in the combination with rent and simultaneously do not lose control over the situation.


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